We help companies succeed in India’s rapidly changing consumer market

Consumer Goods

Kanvic works with leading domestic and international consumer goods companies in areas of strategy, marketing and operations to succeed in the fast-growing and rapidly changing Indian consumer market.

What we believe

Big issues in consumer goods

Disruption in distribution


Distribution of consumer goods is undergoing radical change with e-retail taking-off at the same time as modern retailers are scaling-up and expanding their private-label portfolios. On the other hand, traditional formats continue to constitute a major distribution channel in India and are beginning to integrate with the online ecosystem in new and innovative ways.

Rise of digital and social


Marketing of consumer products is undergoing a profound shift as consumers migrate to digital and social channels to evaluate, engage and transact with brands.

New sources of competition


Competition in established categories is becoming more intense as existing players consolidate their position, while new entrants from overseas and other industries are looking to establish their presence in India’s burgeoning consumer market.

Shortening product life cycles


With rapid developments in technology, more demanding customers, intensifying competition and changing regulatory requirements, product life cycles are getting shorter across consumer goods categories, placing pressure on consumer companies from R&D to marketing.