We help organisations address India’s vast healthcare gap


Our consultants work with healthcare organisations including hospitals, diagnostic centres and medical equipment companies to address their most pressing issues as they take on the challenge of bringing quality care to every Indian.


In particular, Kanvic offers a range of bespoke services for existing, new and expanding hospitals from conceptualising new facilities to improving the business performance.

What we believe

Big issues in healthcare

Inadequate infrastructure


Although the number and scope of facilities has expanded rapidly in recent years, many areas of the country have little or no coverage in key medical specialties.

Limited insurance penetration


The low level of insurance penetration in India means many patients must fund their treatment out-of-pocket. This limits both their inclination and ability to pay for care in all but the most serious circumstances.

Low awareness among patients


The low level of awareness among Indian patients about health problems and their appropriate treatments is a major factor limiting demand. Many patients simply fail to seek out medical advice.

Skill shortage


A shortfall in skilled medical professionals makes attracting and retaining talent a major challenge for healthcare organisations looking to expand.