We provide unique insights to help brands deliver better value


At Kanvic our work in marketing helps clients deliver better value through their brands, products, pricing and channels.

What we believe

Big issues in marketing

Gaining practical insight from data


Despite an exponential rise in customer and transaction data, most companies are failing to realise even a fraction of its value. The ability to generate fast and powerful insights about customer preferences and market performance will become a key source of competitive advantage in every industry.

Satisfying empowered customers


Increasing choice and greater access to information is empowering Indian customers across B2C and B2B markets. The ease of sharing and comparing pricing, product and service experience, along with rising price-performance expectations, make it more challenging than ever for brands to convince customers while defending prices.

Managing multichannel distribution


Distribution is undergoing a profound transformation as consumers migrate to online channels and new players place themselves between brands and their customers. Leveraging the most effective channels while giving a consistent customer experience and protecting profitability will remain an ongoing challenge.

Leveraging digital and social media


Digital and social media are fast replacing conventional channels of communication for Indian consumers but companies are still playing catch up. While absence from these channels risks irrelevance for a new generation of consumers, entering without a clear strategy can expose brands to harsh criticism in a digital world where miss-steps can quickly go viral.

Aligning sales and marketing


Aligning sales and marketing organisations to a world of empowered customers, disrupted distribution and digital mediums is a major challenge requiring new skill sets, revised incentives and a changed mindset.

How we work

We take a customer centric approach


With the customer journey undergoing radical change and customer behavior becoming ever more fragmented, we help clients choose the right route to market and develop compelling value propositions by placing their customers and their evolving preferences at the centre of our analysis.

We leverage advanced analytics


We turn our clients’ data into a strategic asset by deploying cutting-edge advanced analytics methods to uncover meaningful insights about their customers.

We apply the latest digital tools


We help our clients integrate digital and social channels with traditional mediums and on-ground activation, to engage customers with rich and relevant content at every touch point. We also track customer engagement and sentiment in real-time to monitor the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

We empower sales and marketing


We believe sales growth is driven by an empowered sales and marketing organisation, who are equipped and incentivised to better inform, educate and serve their customers.


We put technology at the heart of our solutions to free up sales to focus on their customers’ needs, while giving management the necessary channel visibility to maintain alignment with the company’s strategic objectives.

We implement feedback loops


Once a marketing plan is implemented we create continuous feedback loops from the marketplace to the planning room to ensure that strategies deliver tangible results for our clients.