Taking a strategic view of problems

Our Approach

We take a strategic view of our clients' problems to quickly reach the core of real business issues and deliver a step-change in their performance.



issues faster


solutions that



with clients


Identifying critical issues faster


Our distinctive approach to problem solving is based on identifying critical issues faster and on rooting our solutions in the context of our clients’ businesses and the realities of the Indian market.


Building solutions that work


Our consultants are attentive to elements such as the size and complexity of a client's business, its unique organisational culture and the specific motivations of the leadership team.


Collaborating with clients


Our work does not stop at recommending solutions. We stay with our clients throughout the implementation process to ensure that our work produces time-bound measurable results.

Principles of client service

Client at the core


Clients are at the core of everything we do. We believe in it and we practice it. Until we have delivered on the objectives set for the engagement, we do not step back.

Leading-edge management thinking


Our people keep themselves informed of the latest developments in the world of business and remain at the cutting-edge of management thinking. They continually strive to apply fresh thinking to emerging issues in client organisations.

Objective advice


We believe that our objectivity is the fundamental source of value for our clients. We look at a situation as it stands and gather all the facts required to deliver the right solution.

India focus. Global impact


We bring a deep understanding of India and its complexity which enables us to deliver recommendations that are actionable in the country’s context. Although our solutions are always designed to succeed in India, the scope of our thinking is global, as is the impact of our work.