We seek out people from diverse backgrounds who are not only looking to experience the highest quality of consulting but also help us build a platform where people with a passion for consulting can explore their true potential.

Our vision.

At Kanvic we are building a new kind of consulting firm from the ground up.

A firm of the future

Providing advice may be one of the oldest professions but the demands of today's world require a very different kind of consultant. We are building a consulting firm that combines the unique spark of human ingenuity and the incredible potential of technology to meet our clients' fast-changing needs.

A team of partners

We believe that a traditional employer-employee relationship cannot tap people's true potential in today's world. Hence we are building a firm of highly motivated and entrepreneurial partners who collaborate on a common platform to realise their full potential.

An enduring institution

We are building a firm that will endure for years to come. So while our thinking is constantly evolving, our values are constant and our actions are always grounded in a long-term outlook.

What we’re looking for.

To help us realise our vision, we are in search of candidates from diverse backgrounds,
with multi-disciplinary skill-sets and new perspectives, who can positively
answer three important questions:

Do you have a passion for consulting?

Do you want to lead like an owner?

Do you want to build an enduring organisation?

Key attributes

We expect everyone in our team to think like owners and act at start-up speed. Hence, we seek out individuals who have an instinct for spotting opportunities, quickly building relevant capabilities and executing effectively.

We strive to be at the cutting-edge in everything we do. Therefore we look for candidates with a thirst for continuous learning and self-improvement. That are constantly motivated to push the boundaries of their own knowledge, of the firm's and of their field.

A rigorous and structured approach is essential to identifying the root causes of our clients' problems. As a result, we require candidates who can demonstrate a high level of logical reasoning.

Our clients hire us to solve their toughest strategic problems. Therefore we look for people who can apply creativity, persistence, and innovation to develop unique solutions to the most complex problems.

We are able to deliver unparalleled impact in our clients' organisations thanks to the unique combination of skill-sets we bring to their problems and the highly collaborative way we work with their teams. Consequently, we always look for people who can demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence and a strong team ethic.

How to join us.

Associate Consultant Traineeship


The six month Associate Consultant Traineeship is the principal route to a full-time position at Kanvic. During the Traineeship, candidates gain a 360-degree exposure to the consulting role and Kanvic's unique culture.


Through a combination of live client projects, internal assignments and mentoring by senior team members, the candidate gains a thorough grounding in Kanvic's consulting approach and identifies the unique role they can play within the organisation. Over the course of six months, the candidate is continually evaluated to assess their fit to join the Kanvic team in a full-time position.


The Traineeship is open to candidates who have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate studies and have up to three years relevant professional experience.

6 months traineeship

leading to a full-time position in the team

Internships for Indian Students


Kanvic's six-month internships in strategy consulting provide students with practical exposure to the role of strategy consultant before embarking on a career in the field.


During the course of the internship, the candidate has the opportunity to apply their course learning in real projects by:
- Working on top management issues affecting leading companies
- Working closely with highly experienced senior consultants
- Working on a wide variety of projects covering different sectors and functions
Upon successful completion of the internship, interested candidates may be assessed for their potential to join the Kanvic team on a permanent basis after completion of their studies.


Students undertaking Bachelors, Masters or MBA in a relevant area of study in India can apply. Candidates in the pre-final or final year of their studies will be preferred.

2-6 months internships

Internships for International Students


Kanvic's six-month internship for international students provides a unique exposure to the role of a strategy consultant in the world's fastest-growing major economy.


International interns have the opportunity to apply their course learning in real projects through:
- Working on top management issues affecting leading companies in India
- Working alongside highly skilled senior consultants with extensive experience in India and around the world
- Working on a wide variety of projects covering different sectors of the Indian economy and spanning multiple business functions
Past international interns have come from leading academic institutions in countries including France, UK, Germany, Italy, and Russia.


Students undertaking Bachelors, Masters or MBA in a relevant area of study can apply. This internship can form part of a student’s academic programme or a ‘gap year’ between studies.

4-6 months internships

Our talent testimonials.

” My internship at Kanvic was an outstanding experience that gave me the opportunity to work on inspiring business cases and learn from brilliant colleagues. Additionally, it gave me a unique vantage point on the economy and the culture of this incredible country. ”

Nicolas Degroote
EDHEC, France

” During my internship at Kanvic, I was able to apply all the theoretical knowledge and frameworks I had studied in the first year of my MBA. The learning curve was exponential, helping me develop a structured approach to solving business problems. However, the best part was the great work culture and people. I could reach out to anyone at anytime and my colleagues would be more than happy to help me out. ”

Javed Alam,
IIM Indore, IIT Kharagpur

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