We help companies gain and sustain a winning edge

Performance Leadership

Kanvic’s performance leadership team help businesses gain a competitive edge through identifying improvement areas and building solutions in all aspects of financial and operational performance.

What we believe

How we work

We identify levers of performance


At Kanvic we help clients transform their financial and operational performance where it matters most. Our consultants identify the critical improvement areas for a business and select the points of leverage that will deliver the greatest impact.

We benchmark against the leaders


We use our proprietary performance databases to benchmark our clients’ against the leaders in their industry and beyond, both in India and globally, in order to identify areas for improvement.

We bring a holistic perspective


Kanvic’s advantage in delivering performance leadership comes from our integrated expertise in strategy and finance. This allows us to identify and measure how improvements in certain business areas relate to the achievement of the company’s goals.

We create high performance culture


Systems and processes are necessary but not sufficient for achieving high performance. When designing and implementing solutions in our clients’ businesses we place a strong emphasis on the need create and sustain a high performance culture by changing mindsets at every level of the organisation.