Strategy is at the heart of everything we do


At Kanvic, strategy is at the heart of everything we do. For us, strategy is about making the critical and integrated decisions that are necessary to achieve business goals in a complex and uncertain world.

What we believe

Big issues in strategy

Rising volatility and uncertainty


Today business leaders in India confront a challenging world. Long periods of stability and high growth have been replaced by a ‘new normal’ of increased market volatility and economic uncertainty as India becomes more closely integrated with an increasingly complex global economy.

Shifting market landscape


The competitive environment is changing fast, creating new opportunities and threats. On the one hand, markets are maturing and competition is intensifying as new types of competitors arrive on the scene and industry boundaries blur. On the other hand, the emergence of new customer segments and behaviours is creating new spaces in which to pursue growth.

Technological disruption


More than ever, the acceleration of technological progress is driving the process of change.  Its ability to create new markets and disrupt established ones has placed technology at the top of the CEO’s agenda.

Impact of government policy


Although the role of government in the Indian economy has transformed since the days of the ‘licence Raj’, policy decisions on Foreign Direct Investment, taxation and industry regulation can still have a major impact on business success.

How we work

We bring deep insight


We bring deep insights and understanding of the macro and micro economic forces affecting an industry to reveal where a winning advantage lies for our clients.

We develop a full range of options


Our insights enable us to develop a full range of strategic options and ensure that no viable opportunity is missed. For each option we are always clear in highlighting the risks and their implications for our clients’ businesses.

We bring a dispassionate viewpoint


Throughout this process we apply a dispassionate viewpoint and multiple perspectives, to avoid the traps that can result from biases in decision-making. This enables us to recommend the best way forward to our clients.

We take a fully customised approach


In every engagement our approach is highly customised because we understand the vital linkages between our clients’ capabilities to implement and a strategy’s ultimate success.